About the project

“So, a while back, Randy Panté and Myriam Baril asked if we could do a live performance of The Downtown Shimmy‘s “I Don’t Need No Doctor” for ‪#‎MmmBlues. I said yes, of course. And it was awesome. Afterwards, with The Fried Bananas performance at #BagelAndBlues on the horizon, they asked: can we do it again to a different song? This time I upped the ante. What if I wrote a new song, never before heard, and we debuted that song alongside your choreography during our Saturday performance? And it was awesome. Here’s a video of two creative works joined together, and performed for the first time ever. It was exciting to be part of this project, and I owe Myriam and Randy a huge thanks for their patience and effort. A huge thanks also to the rest of the troupe for working so hard to make this happen. You all killed it!” – JOSHUA from THE FRIED BANANAS