What We Are About

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We are FUN. We have t-shirts calling ourselves the drinking team. We celebrate individuality and diversity and know that it’s our differences from each other that makes us a better team.

We are all about SOCIAL DANCING. We genuinely love the dance and love being on the dance floor. We always look forward to going out social dancing and seeing our friends. While we might not go to every dance, it is not a chore for us to go dancing because it’s the thing that we love most in the world.

We are a FAMILY. We create an environment that is friendly, familiar and exciting. We believe that the best troupes are those that work and play together.

We are HUMBLE about our own dancing. We believe that no matter what happens or how much we learn about this dance, we should always be respectful of other dancers in their journey. While we might get better and celebrate our successes and improvements, we are not arrogant nor do we treat others differently from how we would want to be treated. Instead, we carry ourselves with a quiet confidence because we believe that, in the long run, our character will speak for itself.

Who We Are Looking For

  • Dancers who genuinely want to improve their dancing and are seeking new challenges.
  • Dancers willing to work hard at their craft.
  • Dancers who are able to work well with others and generally like other human beings.
  • Dancers who can take constructive criticisms and feedback.


Partnered Blues Troupe – Social Dance Focus (Intermediate).
Sunday evenings (5:30pm – 7:00pm). June – September 2017.   

For dancers who are more than beginners but not quite there yet to do the boot-camp lifestyle of performance troupes. You might be interested in this! It will be a feedback oriented group that will do lots of rotations during rehearsals.

The troupe is about learning and improving your social dancing in the context of blues partnered dancing. It is meant to be for intermediate partnered dancers and those who want to work on and get feedback on their dance.

  • The minimum commitment is for the summer semester June – September 2017.
  • 75% of the semester (June – September) would be spent working on techniques, exercises, and feedback and the last 25% spent on a small performance (nothing too crazy, but just enough to get the heart pumpin’).
  • 10-12 dancers.
  • You must apply with a dedicated dance partner, however, we will do rotations in class.

Price / Cost

  • June, July, August: $90/month, due on the first practice of the month.
    • If paid in full before the first class: $240 (broken down to $80/month)
  • Payable by check, cash or interac email transfer to randypante@gmail.com