Myriam Baril and Randy Panté are Montréal-based dancers and choreographers specializing in the old-timey dances of jazz, blues, charleston, and funk. They dance out of the Swing Connexion Dance School and actively coach performance troupes, teach dance classes, and perform as much as they can. They are known for their strong work-ethic and can usually be seen social dancing with giant goofy grins at various dance venues around the city.

We Totally Got Married!

After three years of dating, two cats, and a whole bunch of swing-outs, we finally tied the knot! Oh happy days!

While we first met in a dance competition many years before actually meeting “for-realsies” (spoiler: Mimi beat Randy), it really was our shared sense of adventure that drew us together.

In the three years before we took the plunge, we have partnered-up to win (and almost-win) many competitions, taught over thirty dance troupes/projects, created a yearly weekend dance exchange, travelled as much as our wallets could handle, learned to sew and cook properly, did the jive (twice), and have been featured on television shows, commercials, and short films in and around the province of Quebec!

Most importantly, we have met and grown to know some exceptional people along the way who have been there through the good times and the bad – our SwingConnexion family, our Montréal blues family, Randy’s besties buds and Myriam’s crazy filles. We really could not have gotten here without you all and for that, we are forever in your debt.

Oh Snap! We have an offspring!

Ryan Baril Pante was born on May 24, 2017.

(Currently) He likes sleeping, pooping, drinking milk, and waving his little tiny arms like “he just don’t care”. Want to see more pictures of the little guy? We made a picture page for him!

Our Works

Dancing is in our very pores and we feel most at home in a dance studio or up on stage. We dance to connect with the world. We dance when we are high and even more so when we are low. We dance not because we have something to prove but because if we ceased to dance, we would cease to be who we are.

We count our lucky stars every day that we are able to do what we do and we work hard to ensure that our students have the best possible experience when they work with us.

Dance Credentials at A Glance:

  • Organization:
    • Co-founders of (Montréal’s yearly blues exchange).
    • Organizers and Artistic Director of Blues Bump – a blues-oriented blues theatre show.
      • The first edition was titled, “Back to the Crossroads” –  a showcase of the history and transformation of one of the most important musical influences in our world today – the Blues.
    • Head-Honcho for all bluesy related things at Swing Connexion.
  • Coaching:
    • Partnered Blues – Blues Connexion, Ze Squidz
    • Solo Blues – Late Night Lovers, La Montréal Revue, Hip Thrust to Victory
    • Lindy Hop – Rising Stars, Shooting Stars
    • Lindy Hop – PortoSwing’s Melting Hoppers (pro lindy hop). 2nd place Pro division of CSC.
  • Teaching:
    • Swing Connexion – Regular classes Blues 1 to 5
    • Lindy Hop/Blues Workshops – Montréal, Quebec City, Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, Halifax, Vancouver, Rochester NY.
  • Competitions (choice selections):
    • BluesShout! – 1st solo, 1st expert j&j, 1st pro-am, 2nd all-star j&j.
    • Swing Riot – 1st solo, 2nd solo, 2nd lindy hop battle, 2nd short showcase.
    • Canadian Swing Championships – 1st partnered blues, 1st solo blues, 2nd solo blues, 1st advance j&j lindy hop.
    • Snowbound Blues – 2nd solo blues, finalist invitational j&j, finalist invitational strictly.
    • Swing-A-Dance – 1st strictly lindy hop, 1st j&j, 1st blues, 2nd slow dance.
    • Stompology – Solo jazz finalist.
    • Rhythmic Arts Festival (New Orleans) – 1st place solo jazz.
    • Followlogie (1st solo, 2nd solo)
    • Lindy Bout – Finalists j&j lindy hop, strictly lindy hop, solo jazz, traditional jazz, short and sweet.
    • Sweet Molasses – 2nd j&j partnered blues.

Our Services

All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.


Dance Troupes

We have extensive experience coaching dance troupes in the city of dance troupes, Montréal. Sometimes we have even been asked to help out in our neighbouring cities of Quebec City and Toronto!

Dance Instruction

We teach regular weekly classes and drop-ins for blues dancing in Montréal. We also teach lindy hop, solo jazz and solo blues. Private lessons are available upon request.

Wedding Choreographies

We offer an amazing experience for your once-in-a-lifetime event. We will meet with you, find out your vision for your big show, choreograph and help you learn it!

Photography / Videography (Randy)

Events (weddings, conferences, workshop-weekends) and corporate engagements