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What We Are About

Meet Randy and Mimi

Myriam Baril and Randy Panté are Montréal-based dancers and choreographers specializing in the old-timey dances of jazz, blues, charleston, and funk. They dance out of the Swing Connexion Dance School and actively coach performance troupes, teach dance classes, and perform as much as they can. They are known for their strong work-ethic in constantly improving their dance and can usually be seen social dancing with giant goofy grins at various dance venues around the city.

Myriam Baril: Myriam’s dance roots are in house and hip hop dancing but fell in love with Lindy hop after watching a perofrmance during a dance festival. Since then she has dedicated most of her free time and travel points in learning as much as possible about partnered dancing. Her laugh and funky hair has been a regular fixture in the Montreal dance scene for many years as part of the Swing ConneXion family – teaching, performing, and competing.

Randy Panté: My story, like all good stories, begins with a girl. I went to my first dance class in university because my best friend really liked this girl and needed a wingman. Since that fateful day, I have been fanatically trying to quench my dance thirst learning, traveling, competing, and teaching as much as possible. In my home town of Montréal, I am getting a lot of satisfaction watching my students and dancers grow and mature as well as performing as much as possible.

As Seen On:


Swing Connexion

We dance and teach out of the famous Swing Connexion Dance School run by Zack Richard. As part of the Swing Connexion team, we were part of an awesome show called Swing Du Businessman! Check out the video to the left for a sneak peak!

We are proud to call Swing Connexion our home and it is an amazing place to learn and grow as a dancer in Montréal. Lots of hard working individuals who really focus on the dance part of a dance studio and really care about the community around it. You can check out the school’s page at: http://www.swingconnexion.com

Our Work

Dancing is in our very pores and we feel most at home in a dance studio or up on stage. We dance to connect with the world. We dance when we are high and even more so when we are low. We dance not because we have something to prove but because if we ceased to dance, we would cease to be who we are.

As the immortal James Brown once said:

Get up offa dat thing. Dance an you’ll feel bettah.

It Don’t Mean a Thing – Hobo Routine. Part of the Swing Du Businessman Show by Zack Richard.
SCX Cabaret. Original idea and choreography by Maryse Lebeau.
It Don’t Mean a Thing – Sweet Substitute. Part of the Swing Du Businessman Show by Zack Richard.
Short Showcase – Lindy Bout 2013

Dance With Us

Dance Services


Private lessons, weekly group classes, weddings and special events.


We run various solo dance troupes specializing in performing and competing.


We are available for out of town workshops in lindy hop, solo dancing, and partnered blues.

Hire Us as Dancers!

Professional vintage dancers for commercial gigs, television, and special events.

Training & Performances


We currently choreograph and coach troupes in both Montréal and Quebec City in partnered blues, partnered lindy hop, and solo blues / jazz.

For all our troupes, we aim for the following:

  • To work hard and not be afraid to make mistakes.
  • To invest in the overall success of our students.
  • To create positive environment of sharing dance ideas and techniques.
  • To build a team spirit outside of the dance floor.

Hip Thrust to Victory – A Solo Dance Troupe

Founded in the summer of 2013, the affectionately named solo troupe “Hip Thrust to Victory”, is all about improving dancer’s quality of solo movements for partnered dancers. Throughout the group rehearsals, we work on solo dance techniques and versatility in movement which all accumulates into a choreography at end of every semester.

Montréal Partnered Blues

The Swing ConneXion Blues Troupes, now a plural, is an audition-based, partnered-blues dance group representing Montréal, Quebec. We aim to grow as blues dancers through dance performances, active training, and continual exploration of the beauty and humanity of this african-american vernacular dance.

Our program includes:

  • Weekly rehearsals at the Swing ConneXion studios.
  • Continual fundamental blues dance technique exploration.
  • Performance opportunities at the end of each project/choreography.
  • Individual feedback by the instructors.
  • Fairly regular drinking outings (c’est blues!)…

Contact Us

Have a question, comment, or concern? Give us a shout over this handy form. If you don’t like handy forms, you can also email us directly: randypante@gmail.com .